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History Of The Company

In 1963 the French institute of oil was commissioned by the government to study about establishing petrochemical industry in Iran. The studies were afterwards followed by National Iranian Oil Company and finally it was decided to establish a petrochemical complex near ABADAN Refinery.
B.F.GOODRICH Company and the construction contract was left to the LUMMUS Company in 1966. The petrochemical complex was constructed during 1966-1968 and started operation in 1969 to produce 20000 MTPY P.V.C. and 10000 MTPY D.D.B. In 1975 the P.V.C.
production capacity was expanded to 60000 MTPY. However the max. annual production did not exceed 30000 tons until 1980. In sep. 1980 the complex was shut down due to starting Iran-Iraq war and all the production facilities were mainly destroyed during the 8-years war. After stopping the war in 1988 reconstruction operation was executed in 4 separate phases and completed in 1993.
The only plant completely renewed was chlorine plant which was highly destroyed and corroded during the war. In 1996 the company was left to private section by the government. The complex production rate has increased considerably in the recent years. The maximum achieved annual production of P.V.C. was 59800 tons in 2005.