ABADAN Petrochemical Company is the first producer of Poly Vinyl Chloride ( P.V.C.) in Iran. It was established in 1969 in ABADAN city in the southern west of Iran. The initial capacity was 20000 MTPY P.V.C. , 10000 MTPY D.D.B. and 24000 MTPY Caustic Soda. The company was expanded in 1975 to produce 60000 MTPY P.V.C. The complex was destroyed during the Iran-Iraq war in 1980-1988.

However it was reconstructed after the end of the war and the P.V.C. production increased to 59400 tons per year in 2005. The company is now planning to revamp all the production units in order to increase the P.V.C. production capacity to 110000 MTPY.